Friday, December 08, 2006

fresh hell : dec 8

  • Order is restored. Each page has its own topic but all are organized in the same way.

  • I've started an entry on the arts and crafts and art nouveau movements
  • shameless commerce: items in the arts and crafts style

  • a discussion of the myth of persephone and why pomegranates are significant this time of year
  • shameless commerce: items for writers, readers, and sullen teenagers.

  • home ec: mulled pomegranate cider recipe
  • more shameless commerce

  • name change: project runway has switched to extra-curricular
  • my excuse for my shameless commercialism

  • The one thing I'm not ashamed to sell on my blog my t-shirt that supports the New Orleans/Louisiana Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. All profits for these shirts (there is a men's and a women's version) go the the NOLA SPCA for the support of animals, and especially the many abandoned dogs following the Katrina disaster. The cameras are gone but they are still there and need our help all the more.

Monday, December 04, 2006

fresh hell : dec 3

kora in hell | project runway site renaming / rethinking
I've decided to widen the focus of this page to include more general discussions of popular culture. Keeping with my theme, I'm calling it extra-curricular.
kora in hell | sciences
Idiotic ideas about science are not limited to one political or religious group. At least this one is more amusing than most.
kora in hell | letters
gifts for writers, writing ideas for writers